Lisa Torres is a Practitioner Team Member of the 360 Wellness Clinic.

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Professional Designations, Registrations and Numbers:

  • HOM: Homeopath (Full Member College of Homeopaths of Ontario) Registration number: 15170
  • IMD: Integrative Medical Doctor (Board of Integrative Medicine) Registration number: IMD-30277
  • DMH: Doctor of Medical Heilkunst (International Heilkunst Association) Registration number: CA14002
  • D.PSc.: Diplomat of Pastoral Science (Pastoral Medical Association): License number: 11372058
  • Teacher (Ontario College of Teachers) Registration number: 405580

Lisa Torres graduated from the Université de Montréal with a M.Ed. prior to earning her 4-year Practitioner Diploma of Homeopathy and Heilkunst at the Hahnemann College of Heilkunst in Ottawa, Canada. Homeopathy is a regulated health profession in Ontario. Homeopathy considers the whole person, mind, body, and emotions, to find the most appropriate safe medicine to treat the presenting complaints. Heilkunst places emphasis on addressing the true cause of complaints. Integrative Medicine integrates approaches as indicated. As a Licensed PMA Health Care Provider, Lisa Torres offers a separate wellness service to the Member Share Network.

A strong supporter of integrative and collaborative care, she founded the Network of Integrative and Collaborative Health Care Providers which provides an online forum where health care providers of over 75 different conventional and alternative modalities can learn and share. Her continuing studies are in German New Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and quantum medicine.  Her case approach takes into consideration life story, individual and family medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, drug-herb-nutrient interactions, and more. She aims for empowerment through education.

While her practice is not limited to any condition, her main referral streams have been from adults with a dawning or developed spiritual awareness and a readiness to move definitively forward. They may or may not be experiencing chronic and complex physical or emotional complaints. Children are generally referred for behavioral, emotional or learning concerns with concomitant physical symptoms.

She identifies well with the experience of travelers, teachers, and families. She has lived and traveled on five continents and understands the particular stress and risks presented by global living. She has taught pre-K to post-Grad levels and has experience as a school administrator. She observed how both children’s and teachers’ health have deteriorated and directed extensive field research on this topic. As a parent and working with families, her understanding of the concept of holistic health has expanded beyond individual mind, body, soul, environment and lifestyle, into the realm of dynamic relationships.

Lisa Torres has written articles in support of traveler, teacher and family health.  She has written several longer papers, one comparing Medical Heilkunst with Islamic Medicine, another on the Principles of Classical Homeopathy and a third on the lessons learned while traveling (written in Spanish). She is the author of Upon A Beam of Moonlight a touching story for children and parents that illustrates an example of family dynamic at play. She has recently published a 2016 HEALN Calendar. It provides an inspiring and practical tool for parenting. Contact to obtain a free e-copy. Over the years she has thoroughly enjoyed speaking at conferences and association meetings.  She most recently spoke at the Mindful Parenting Conference in Whitby on November the 7th, 2015.

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