5 effective tips to keep your children flu-free this season

There are 5 very important and effective things that parents can do to help support their children’s health and decrease the likelihood that they will get sick:

1: Ensure that your children get enough sleep. This may sound obvious, but I can tell you from field research that I have conducted in addition to classroom visits that many children are not getting enough sleep. The best sleep is generally had between, if not from, sundown to sunup in a dark, quiet room with no electronics. One of the reasons quality sleep is so important is because the immune-boosting bacteria in the gut do their work at night and in the dark. There is a lot more to this, but for the present purposes: Less sleep = less immunity. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

2: Ensure that your children get real food. if not quality food. The more you succeed in providing fresh, local, whole, unrefined, non-GMO, organic foods the more your children will benefit.  Anything processed or refined by definition provides less nutrition and often saps the body of nutrients. Wheat, for example, has several parts: the germ, the bran, and the endosperm. To make wheat bread, the endosperm is separated from the germ (nutrients) and the bran (fiber) and ground into white flour (sugar). Most breads are essentially glorified sugar providing little of the fiber or nutrients that would support their digestion and overall nutrition. Know that food products such as “whole wheat” can have up to 70% of the germ removed. Understanding labels requires some training these days!

3: Provide quality supplementation. I have come to rely on several products to support my family. Both myself and my children take Living Fuel daily. It is, hands down, the highest quality food supplement on the market. We also take a dose of Cod Liver Oil daily. I know there’s a lot of controversy about this one, and that some prefer Krill Oil. Both clinical and personal observation has led me to stand by Cod Liver Oil. When we need an additional boost, we make a fresh dose of sodium ascorbate. This is made by taking one teaspoon of ascorbic acid crystals (with nothing else added) with adding half a teaspoon of baking soda, adding a cup of water, and stirring. This is the equivalent to about 4000mg of Vitamin C. The difference is that it is more easily absorbed by the body and has no digestive effects. If you need it, you can feel it within minutes. (Note: This boosts your system so much that it is not to be taken before any type of surgery and may interfere with medications. Consult with your chosen health care practitioner before you take it.)

4: Use homeopathic remedies. Prophylactically, a weekly dose of Influenzinum 200C during the Fall and Winter would support anyone in their defense of the flu. The above three steps remain important. Still, this is a proven method of increasing immunity against the flu.  There is much research on this topic. I am happy to share it with those interested. If you are interested in this research or in contributing to the growing body of research on this topic, please contact Lisa Torres at lisa@healn.org for more information.

5: This last point is for those parents who are interested in taking health care to another level, one whereby they realize there’s a reason children get the flu and that it isn’t just because of germs and immunity, although these factors are important. If this is you: consider what was happening in your child’s life approximately 3 days (could be 1, could be 4, but generally it’s 3) before the onset of flu symptoms. The flu has been associated with a preceding experience of feeling weak or of feeling uninvolved, not part of the group. Of course, this may not be the case, and that is fine. But if it is, then becoming aware of it promotes increased understanding of the effects of such circumstances. If the circumstances and the result are repeated, a pattern can be discerned. From there there can be increased awareness for both the children and the parent. If you get to this point, as a parent, you’re likely to run with it and if at all possible, change the circumstances!

Stay warm and stay well!